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Table 2 Parameter setting of the simulations

From: Parameter estimation using the sliding-correlator’s output for wideband propagation channels

Parameters for SC configuration  
Type of PN sequence m-sequence
Chip rate of PN sequence u(t) 500 MHz
Chip rate of PN sequence u (t) 494.62 MHz
Sliding factor γ 93
Normalized sliding factor γ/L 3
Number L of chips in u(t) 31
Over-sampling rate 2
Repetition times of u(t) in Tx 93
Repetition times of u (t) in Rx 92
Time duration T for complete IR 5.766 μs
Bandwidth B n of LPF \(B_{n}=[-n\frac {f_{c}}{\gamma },n\frac {f_{c}}{\gamma }]\), n=1,2,…
Fraction ϱ of the SC’s output ϱ=1/m, m=1,2,…
Parameters of synthetic paths  
Delay Unif. dist. within [20,70] ns
Doppler frequency Unif. dist. within [−1×105,1
  ×105] Hza
Complex attenuation coefficient Circularly symmetric Gaussian
  random variables with
  magnitude within the range
  of \([1\cdot 10^{-6}, \sqrt {2}\cdot 10^{-6}]\)
Noise’s properties in synthetic channels  
Noise spectral height max([|α |;=1,…,M])·
  with SNR represented in dB and
  max([|α |;=1,…,M]) being
  the maximum of the path
  1. aThe Doppler frequencies of synthetic paths are set within the range that can be estimated unambiguously by the system