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Table 4 Summary of small cell backhaul solutions

From: Small cell backhaul: challenges and prospective solutions

Frequency band Main advantages Main disadvantages Backhaul licensing Backhaul network
Sub-6 GHz LOS and NLOS are both possible, trafficaggregation is supported, faster installation and lower deployment cost Spectrum limitations resulting in lower capacities, interferencesensitive, lack of carrier grade,higher cost for licensed spectrum Licensed (3.5 GHz) PtMP, PtP
Microwave (6–56 GHz) Available large spectrum, high capacity upto 1 Gbps, high-gain antennas with small footprint, long distance connection, PtMPsupports traffic aggregation LOS required, node alignment mayreduce the deployment scalability Licensed PtMP, PtP
V-band (57–66 GHz) Available large spectrum, extremely highcapacity up to several Gbps, unlicensed,high-frequency reuse factor Very short links, LOS required, narrow beamwidth Unlicensed PtP
E-band(70–80 GHz) Available large spectrum, extremely high capacity up to several Gbps, light license,higher reuse factor Short links, LOS required, verynarrow beamwidth Light license PtP