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Fig. 1

From: DCRP: a scalable path selection and forwarding scheme for IEEE 802.11s wireless mesh networks

Fig. 1

IEEE 802.11s network elements described in the standard [1]. Reproduced from [2]. Nodes A to J are mesh STAs and form the mesh basic service set (MBSS). Nodes D, J, and H are AP collocated with mesh gates, connecting the BSSs A, B, and C, respectively, to the MBSS. Nodes A and H additionally work as mesh portal, working as gateway to non-802.11 LANs. Note that all functionalities are combined on node H as it provides connectivity to the IEEE 802.11 DS (BSS C)—so, acting as mesh gate—and also connects the MBSS to a non-802.11 LAN, so acting as portal. Note that any mesh gate is also a mesh STA

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