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Table 2 Parameters used in PAA

From: Resource allocation for statistical QoS guarantees in MIMO cellular networks

Parameter Description
o Encoding order index
P Transmit power budget
\({\sigma _{\textit {ij}}^{l}}^{2}\) Variance of the channel entries of lth link
\({\sigma _{n}^{2}}\) Gaussian noise present in the medium
β Power allocation vector, i.e. β=(β 1,…,β l,…,β L),
Ψ Degradation level vector, i.e. Ψ=(ψ 1,…,ψ l,…,ψ L)
\({\mathcal I}_{x < y}\) Indicator function that takes value 1 when x<y
ζ l Auxiliary variable \(\zeta ^{l}(\boldsymbol {\beta })=\frac {d^{-1} P \beta ^{l}}{{\sigma _{\textit {ij}}^{l}}^{2} \sum _{k = 1}^{L} {\mathcal I}_{\psi ^{k} < \psi ^{l}} \beta ^{k} + {\sigma _{n}^{2}}}\)
c o oth link capacity process = \(\sum _{i=1}^{d} \log _{2} \left [ 1 + \zeta ^{o}(\boldsymbol {\beta }) {\lambda _{i}^{o}} \right ]\)
γ o Effective capacity of a link with encoding order o