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Table 1 Parameters of the experimental setup

From: Experimental evaluation of the uplink dynamic range threshold

Common parameters  
Bandwidth 20 MHz
FFT size 2048
Modulation QPSK
UL frequency 1.99 GHz
DL frequency 2.18 GHz
Waveform OFDM
Number of collected TTI 60
UE 0  
First PRB 2
Number of allocated PRBs 30
PA Transmit Power Settinga −4 to −32 dB
UE 1  
First PRB 33
Number of allocated PRBs 30/20/10/1/0
PA Transmit Power Setting −4 dB
  1. aWe use values from −4 to −32 dB since we cannot precisely calibrate the transmit power using our experimental setup