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Table 1 Application and system parameters used in the simulation experiment

From: Nested game-based computation offloading scheme for Mobile Cloud IoT systems

Application type Applications Computation requirement Computation duration average/sec
I Voice telephony, video phone 128 K cycle/s 180 s (3 min)
II Remote login, tele-conference 512 K cycle/s 120 s (2 min)
Parameter Value Description
n 10 The number of mobile devices in MCIoT
m 15 The number of computation resources in MCIoT
L 6 or 10 The number of split coded modules in applications
L 64 K cycle/s A computation capacity of mobile device
R {128, 256, 512 K cycle/s} A computation capacity of computation resource
ρ 1 The price per CPU cycle of mobile device
1 MHz The channel bandwidth
P 100 mW The transmission power of mobile device
ω 100 dBm The interference power
μ 1 The mean of the normal distribution
σ 1 The standard deviation of the normal distribution
Parameter Initial Description Values
ψ 1 The price per CPU cycle of resources Dynamically adjustable
λ 0.5 The relative weights given to time and energy 0 ~ 1