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Table 3 Designed superframe parameters

From: A cooperator-assisted wireless body area network for real-time vital data collection

Description Parameter Value
Data packet duration T da t a 1.89 ms
Clear channel assessment T CC A 0.128 ms
Beacon T be a c o n 0.416 ms
CTS shared group frame T CT S S G 0.384 ms
RTS frame T RT S 0.416 ms
CTS frame T CT S 0.416 ms
Long interframe space T LI F S (TD M A/C S M A) 0.64 ms
  T LI F S (TD M A) 3.16 ms1
Short interframe space T SI F S 0.192 ms
Timeout time T to 4.5 ms
Backoff time T bo 2.24 ms
Timeslot duration T ts 11.0 ms2
  1. 1We set the value of T LI F S (TD M A) so that the hybrid-TDMA/CSMA and TDMA have the same duration of a superframe
  2. 2For the sake of simplicity, in the TDMA, T ts is assumed to be the duration of two slots