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Table 3 Simulation parameters

From: Power headroom report-based uplink power control in 3GPP LTE-A HetNet

Parameter Value
Carrier frequency 1.76 GHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Number of PRBs 48 + 2 (control channel)
Cellular layout of macrocells Hexagonal grid, 3 sector cells/eNB
Number of sites 7 cells (21 sectors)
Region of interest (ROI) Center cell (3 sectors)
Inter-site distance 500 m
HeNB deployment model 5 × 5 grid model
Number of HeNBs/macrocell 5
Number of MUEs/eNBs 8
Number of FUEs/HeNBs 3
UE maximum transmission power (P max) 23 dBm
Traffic model Full buffer
Simulation duration 30 drops, 500 TTIs