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Table 2 Parameters and assumptions

From: Fuzzy-logic framework for future dynamic cellular systems

Explanation Value
Base-station ICD R = 1 km
Macro base-station P 0 130.0 W
Macro base-station p 4.7
Macro base-station P max 20.0 W
Macro base-station N TEX 6.0
Micro base-station P 0 56.0 W
Micro base-station p 2.6
Micro base-station P max 6.3 W
Micro base-station N TEX 3
Channel bandwidths 10 MHz
Maximum users that can be admitted U 20
Maximum data connections per user D 10
User data connections arriving rate λ d 5 connection/sec
User service time mean value T h 0.1017 sec
Information transferred mean value R 2 Mbits