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Table 1 List of used abbreviations

From: Mobile M2M communication architectures, upcoming challenges, applications, and future directions

Abbreviations Acronyms
AAA Accounting, authorization, and authentication
ARQ Automatic repeat request
AS Access stratum
CP Cyclic prefix
CMPP Coupled Markov modulated Poisson process
IMT-Advanced International Mobile Telecommunications-
EPS Evolved packet system
E-UTRAN Evolved UMTS terrestrial radio network
GERAN GSM EDGE radio access network
GGSN Gateway GPRS support node
GSM Global system for mobile communications
HARQ Hybrid automatic repeat request
HLR Home location register
HSDPA High-speed downlink packet access
HSS Home subscriber server
HSUPA High-speed uplink packet access
ICT Information and communication technology
ITU International Telecommunication Union
MAC Medium access control
MME Mobility Management Entity
MMPP Markov modulated Poisson process
MSC Mobile switching center
MTC-IWF MTC InterWorking Function
NAS Non access stratum
OMA Open mobile alliance
PDNs Packet data networks
P-GW Packet gateway
PHY Physical layer
PLMN Public land mobile network
PSM Power saving mode
PRB Physical resource block
QCI QoS class identifiers
RLC Radio link control
RRC Radio resource control
SAE System architecture evolution
SCS Services capability server
S-GWs Serving gateways
SGSN Serving GPRS support node
SMS-SC Short message service-service center
TTI Transmission time interval
UMTS Universal mobile telecommunications system
WLAN Wireless local area network
WPAN Wireless personal area network
WSN Wireless sensor network