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Table 8 Existing QoS class categorization for M2M communications [118, 142, 169]

From: Mobile M2M communication architectures, upcoming challenges, applications, and future directions

Parameters Class 0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Use cases e-healthcare, Mobile POS Intelligent Smart homes, Metering,
  emergency (point of sale) transportation, security monitoring
  alerting   streaming,   
Traffic types Random, Random, Random Random Regular
  real time real time    
Priority Strict, high Low-1 Low-2 Low-3 Low-3
Data size in bytes Small Small Small Small/medium Large
Inter-send time Seconds Seconds Minute Minute Seconds
     hours hours
Mobility Low Low Low No Low
Delay budget Milliseconds Milliseconds Milliseconds Minute Seconds
  [approx. 125 ms]   minute   hours