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Table 1 List of notations

From: Interference-aware high-throughput channel allocation mechanism for CR-VANETs

Notation Description
B Set of licensed channels in the network
W b Bandwidth of channel b
Set of OBUs registered with an RSU
B i Set of available licensed channels at OBU i
B ij B i B j , set of common channels available at i and j
T Length of scheduling cycle
N i Set of neighbors of OBU i
\(P_{i}^{tr}\) Transmission power of an OBU i
D ij Number of data packets awaited in the queue of OBU i for transmission from OBU i to OBU j
ψ ij Required data rate for transmission
δ ij Tolerable maximum transmission delay
Z b PU idle time at channel b
λ b PU arrival rate at channel b
\(q_{\textit {ij}}^{b}\) Transmission quota of OBU pair {i,j} on channel b
\(s_{\textit {ij}}^{b}\) Success probability of OBU pair {i,j} on channel b
\(R_{\textit {ij}}^{b}\) Achievable data rate from OBU i to OBU j on channel b
ζ Medium access delay
\(\text {SINR}_{\textit {ij}}^{b}\) SINR value between OBU i and OBU j on channel b
L i Length of the packets at the transmission queue of OBU i
\(\tau _{\textit {ij}}^{b}\) Required tx time for OBU pair {i,j} on channel b
ρ I Weight of independent set I
Θ Set of all maximum independent sets
Set of all OBU pairs requesting transmission
Set of OBUs in the interference range of OBU i
ω(G) Set of all independent vertices in a conflict graph G