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Table 1 Common API interfaces

From: A comprehensive ranking model for tweets big data in online social network

Number API Function
1 statuses/public_timeline Get the latest public tweets
2 statuses/user_timeline Get the tweets that the user published
3 statuses/mentions Get the latest tweet that @ current user
4 comments/by_me Get the comments that I issued
5 comments/to_me Get the comments that I received
6 friendships/friends Get the follow list of current user
7 friendships/friends/bilateral Get double follow list
8 friendships/followers Get the fan list of current user
9 friendships/followers/active Get fans with high quality of current user
10 trends/hourly Return the hot topics in the latest 1 h
11 trends/daily Return the hot topics in the latest 1 day
12 trends/weekly Return the hot topics in the latest 1 week
13 favorites Get the favorite tweets of current user
14 favorites/tags Get the favorite tags of current user
15 statuses/friends_timeline Get the latest tweets published by all followees