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Table 1 Summary of FA problem solutions presented in related work

From: Cognitive radio frequency assignment with interference weighting and categorization

Ref. Objective Approach Method
[11] Throughput/ Centralized single ch Linear integer
  variance   optimization
[12] Power/total Distributed / centralized Graph theory
[13] Fairness/throughput Centralized multi ch Graph theory
[14] Node connectivity/ Local Heuristic
  interference   algorithm
[15] Throughput surplus Distributed / centralized Nash bargaining /
    game theory
[16] Fairness/QoS Distributed list coloring Graph theory
[17] Fairness Local multi ch Graph theory / heuristic
[18] Throughput Macro BS femtocell Graph coloring
[19] Interference Wireless mesh Graph coloring
[20] Interference/power Distributed Game theory