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Table 1 Direct ray parameters

From: Quasi-deterministic millimeter-wave channel models in MiWEBA

Parameter Value
Delay Direct ray delay is calculated from the model geometry:
τ D  = d D /c
\( {d}_D=\sqrt{L^2+{\left({H}_{tx}-{H}_{rx}\right)}^2} \)
Power Direct ray power calculated as free-space path loss with oxygen absorption:
\( {P}_D=20{ \log}_{10}\left(\frac{\lambda }{4\pi {d}_D}\right)-{A}_0{d}_D \), in dB
Channel matrix \( \mathbf{H}=\left[\begin{array}{cc}\hfill {10}^{P_D/20}\hfill & \hfill 0\hfill \\ {}\hfill 0\hfill & \hfill {10}^{P_D/20}\hfill \end{array}\right]{e}^{\frac{j2\pi {d}_D}{\lambda }} \)
AoD 0° azimuth and elevation
AoA 0° azimuth and elevation
  1. AoD angle of departure, AoA angle of arrival