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Table 5 CEPD indoor deployment scenario

From: Quasi-deterministic millimeter-wave channel models in MiWEBA

Scenario Antenna gain (dBi), Tx-Rx Link Deployment scenario
CM1 8–13 LOS Antenna alignment Residential typical home with multiple rooms. The size is comparable to the small office room.
CM2 8–13 NLOS/OLOS No antenna alignment
CM’1 8–24.6 LOS Antenna mismatch alignment
CM’2 8–24.6 OLOS
CM3 8–13 LOS Office antenna alignment Office with typical office setup furnished with multiple chairs, desks, computers, and workstations
CM4 8–13 NLOS/OLOS No antenna alignment
  1. LOS line-of-sight, NLOS non-line-of-sight