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Table 3 Simulation parameters

From: Quality-of-service-aware weighted-fair medium access control protocol for coexisting cognitive radio networks

Parameter Value
Number of Channels 10(data) +1(C C C)
Number of CRNs 7
Number of PUs 10
Number of SUs per CRN 15
Physical Layer Model YansWifiPhy
MAC Layer Model ApWifiMac
Transmission Range 250 m
Channel Data Rate 7 Mbps
Channel Bit Error Rate 10−3
Packet Size 1200 bytes
Simulation Time 1000 s
Propagation Delay, δ 0.83 μ s
Size of RTS 20 bytes
Size of CTS, ACK 14 bytes
SIFS 10 μ s
DIFS 50 μ s
Timeslot Duration, t 60 μ s
\(\mathcal {T}_{switch}\) 120 μ s
RCIV, CIV 20, 260 bytes
\(\epsilon_{th}^{s}\), \(\epsilon_{th}^{p}\) 0.4
ϕ g , ϕ p 3
ϕ s 10
γ 0.7