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Table 1 Simulation tool parameters

From: Automatic clustering algorithms for indoor site selection in LTE

Simulation parameters  
Simulator type System-level, static (grid-based)
Grid resolution (m) 20
Spatial traffic distribution Irregular, based on PRB utilization ratio and TA measurements
  Overall network PRB utilization = 31 %
Antenna model Antenna configuration MIMO (2×2)
Frequency (MHz) 2600
System bandwidth (MHz) 10
Number of PRBs 50
Propagation model (dB) Outdoor: P L=A−13.82log10(h BS[m])+
  +(B−6.55log10(h BS[m]))log10(d[km])
  A=157.5, B=44.9, h BS[m]=30
  Shadowing log-normal fading, 8 dB std.
  Correlation distance 20 m
  Outdoor to indoor: 10-dB penetration losses
Macrocell model P tx =46 dBm, G=13 dB
UE model Antenna height 1.5 m
  Noise floor −114.45 dBm (per PRB)