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Table 1 Comparing the complexity for block size N, ZP-length P and K spectral zeros (M=N+P)

From: Frequency-domain equalizers with zero restoration for zero-padded block transmission with high SNR

Equalizer Calculating W Evaluating \(\hat {\textbf {x}}\)
W ZFE-TD, W MMSE-TD \(\mathcal {O}(N^{2})\) \(\mathcal {O}(N^{2})\)
W ZFE-FD-FOLD, W MMSE-FD-FOLD \(\mathcal {O}(N)\) \(\mathcal {O}(N\log (N))\)
W ZFE-FD-EXT, W MMSE-FD-EXT \(\mathcal {O}(M)\) \(\mathcal {O}(M \log (M))\)
W ZFE-ZR, W MMSE-ZR \(\mathcal {O}(M)\) \(\mathcal {O}(M \log (M))\)
  +\(\left (M+\frac {K}{3}\right)K^{2}\) + (2K−1)N