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Table 1 Definitions of Symbols in the RSTO problem

From: Infrastructure planning and topology optimization for reliable mobile big data transmission under cloud radio access networks

Symbol Definition
Ω B The set of the BBU
Ω OADM The set of the OADMs
Ω RRU The set of the RRUs
Ω TP The set of the TPs
T The number of OADMs in the network
M The number of RRUs in the network
N The number of TPs in the network
d ij The distance between node i and node j
P The maximal transmit power of a RRU
ξ The average normalized thermal noise in AOI
α The path loss exponent
s 0 The minimal SNR requirement for each TP
A The location incidence vector, A = (a m )1 × M
B The location incidence vector, B = (b t )1 × T
Q A TP coverage incidence vector, Q = (q n )1 × N
Z RRU-TP association matrix Z = (z mn ) M × N
E BBU-OADM-RRU association matrix, E = (e ij )(T + 1) × (M + T)
D MAX The maximal distance of OMD-RRU that can be deployed in the network
H K OADM k  − BBU flow association matrix \( {H}^K={\left({h}_{ij}^k\right)}_{\left(1+T\right)\times \left(T+M\right)} \)
G K BBU − OADM k flow association matrix \( {G}^K={\left({g}_{ij}^k\right)}_{\left(1+T\right)\times \left(T+M\right)} \)