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Table 2 Sleeping small cell causes and reachability

From: Location-based distributed sleeping cell detection and root cause analysis for 5G ultra-dense networks

No. Failure Description Indicator
UE RSS values Small cell NETACC Backhaul NETACC (general access to the backhaul)
1 Small cell booting process Small cell starting logon procedure into the operator’s network fails. The small cell stays active but without transmitting. Affected Unaffected Unaffected
2 Small cell disconnection Small cell is disconnected from power supply and/or backhaul connection. It stops transmitting. Affected Affected Unaffected
3 Backhaul NETACC Failure of the backhaul connection of the network. Affected Affected Affected
4 Checking entity NETACC The entity checking the cells is not able to connect with them. Unaffected Affected Unaffected
5 SON system NETACC The SON system is unable to connect specifically with the router due to wrong IP config. Unaffected Affected Affected