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Table 1 Abbreviation

From: CMCS: a cross-layer mobility-aware MAC protocol for cognitive radio sensor networks

Acronym Description
ACK Acknowledgment
ACL Available channel list
ACTS Acknowledgment clear to send
BS Base-station
CCC Common control channel
CHEV Cluster-head election value
CHs Cluster heads
CM Cluster member
CnHS Channel hoping sequence
CR Cognitive radio
CRAHNs Cognitive radio ad hoc networks
CRNs Cognitive radio networks
CRSN Cognitive radio sensor network
CSMA Carrier-sensing multiple access
CSMA/CA Carrier-sensing multiple access/collision avoidance
CTS Clear to send
DSA Dynamic spectrum access
FCC Federal Communications Commission
GW Gateway nodes
HPM Historical prediction model
MAC Medium access control
MANET Mobile ad hoc network
NCC Next control channel
OSA Opportunistic spectrum access
PER Primary exclusive region
PHY Physical
PUs Primary users
RSS Receiver spectrum sensing
RSSI Radio signal strength indicator
RTS Ready to send
SNR Signal-to-noise ratio
SUs Secondary users
TSF Timer synchronization function
TSS Transmitter spectrum sensing
VANET Vehicular ad hoc network
WMNs Wireless mesh networks
WSN Wireless sensor network