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Table 1 Computational complexity of the proposed SI-SRINR algorithm

From: Sum-rate maximization and robust beamforming design for MIMO two-way relay networks with reciprocal and imperfect CSI

Step Operations Block dimensions (a k ) Number of variables (n)
1 \(\widehat {P}_{R_{i}}\) 2M M b +1 2M M b +2N 2+6L+12
2 ς t (l+1)M N+1 2N 2+3L+6
3.1 τ t l (2N 2+3L+6)
    ×(2M M b +3L+6)
3.2 γ t 2l M N+M M b +1 (2N 2+3L+6)
    ×(2M M b +3L+6)