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Table 1 Application and system parameters used in the simulation experiment

From: News-vendor game-based resource allocation scheme for next-generation C-RAN systems

Application type Applications Cloud resource type Minimum resource requirement Maximum resource requirement
I Voice telephony CPU 30 MHz 60 MHz
II Video-phone CPU 60 MHz 120 MHz
III Remote-login CPU 15 MHz 40 MHz
IV Tele-conference CPU 60 MHz 150 MHz
Parameter Value Description
n 5 the number of BSs
T Q 5 GHz Total cloud capacity (CPU computation capacity)
p minp max 0.1, 1 The pre-defined minimum and maximum price boundaries
d i,1 ≤ i ≤ n 0 A payoff at the time of disagreement
Parameter Initial Description Values
p 0.5 The unit price for cloud resource Dynamically adjustable