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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Evaluation and analysis of an enhanced hybrid wireless mesh protocol for vehicular ad hoc network

Parameters Value
Area 8000 × 1000
Channel Channel/wireless channel
Propagation model Propagation/TwoRayGround
Network interface Phy/WirelessPhyExt
Mac interface Mac/802 11Ext
Peak wireless transmission range 300 m
Seed 0.0
Interface queue type Queue/DropTail/PriQueue
Interface queue length 20 packets
Antenna type Antenna/OmniAntenna
Routing protocol E-HWMP
Total number of VANET vehicles Varies between 10, 30, 50
Applications FTP
Peak mobility speed 50 ms − 1
Mobility model VanetMobiSim
Simulation stop 500
LTE RSS threshold −94 dBM
Uplink frequency 1.925
Downlink frequency 2.115
Peak E-UTRAN UL channel bit rate 5.2
Peak E-UTRAN DL channel bit rate 10.3
Transmission range of eNodeB 10
Node B interface queue length 20 packets