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Table 1 System and simulation parameters

From: Energy efficiency and sum rate tradeoffs for massive MIMO systems with underlaid device-to-device communications

Description Parameter Value
D2D TX power P d 6 dBm
BS TX power P c 30 dBm
Cell radius R 500 m
Bandwidth B w 20 MHz
Thermal noise power N 0 −101 dBm
Noise figure in UE F 5 dB
Carrier frequency f c 2 GHz
D2D pair distance R 0,0 35 m
Pathloss exponent between devices α d 3
Pathloss exponent between BS–device α c 3.67
Pathloss coefficient between devices A d 38.84 dB
Pathloss coefficient between BS–device A c 30.55 dB
Amplifier efficiency η 0.3
Load-independent power in BS C 0 5 W
Power per BS antenna C 1 0.5 W
Power per UE handset C 2 0.1 W
Monte Carlo runs MC 5000