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Table 1 Notations and explanations

From: Anonymous authentication scheme based on identity-based proxy group signature for wireless mesh network

Notations Explanations
ID A Identity of entity A
TS Current time stamp
A → B {M} Entity A sends message M to entity B
SIGN_ALG(M) Use ALG to sign M
MSK i Master key of group i
PK A /SK A Entity A’s public/private key pair
ENCR_ALG_PK(M) Use ALG to encrypt M with public key PK
A\({_{ALG\_.PK/SK}}\) Entity A’s public/private key pair in ALG
CERT_A_WMN i A’s certificate at WMN group i
M 1 M2 Concatention of M1 and M2
Auth A Entity A’s warrant for proxy signature
K AB Shared key between A and B
SE K (M) Encrypt M with shared key K