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Table 1 Fuzzy if-then rule

From: A security fault-tolerant routing for multi-layer non-uniform clustered WSNs

Rule ID The relative energy The relative density The relative centrality Node priority
1 Low Low Low Very low
2 Low Low Medium Very low
3 Low Low High Very low
4 Low Medium Low Very low
5 Low Medium Medium Very low
6 Low Medium High Very low
7 Low High Low Very low
8 Low High Medium Very low
9 Low High High Very low
10 Medium Low Low Rather low
11 Medium Low Medium Rather low
12 Medium Low High Medium
13 Medium Medium Low Rather low
14 Medium Medium Medium Medium
15 Medium Medium High Rather high
16 Medium High Low Rather low
17 Medium High Medium Medium
18 Medium High High Rather high
19 High Low Low Rather low
20 High Low Medium Medium
21 High Low High Rather high
22 High Medium Low Medium
23 High Medium Medium Rather high
24 High Medium High High
25 High High Low Medium
26 High High Medium High
27 High High High Very high