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Table 2 Suboptimal joint energy and bit allocation

From: Adaptive coding and modulation using imperfect CSI in cognitive BIC-OFDM systems

Optimization of E, m and r
Set AEGPopt=0
Set r and m according to section 4.1
Set E according to (24)
For k{1,…,N}
For \(m_{k}\in \mathcal {D}_{\mathrm {m}}\)
Set \(\delta _{k}^{m_{k}}\) according to (28)
End For
Set \(\delta _{k}^{m_{\text {max}}+2}=\infty \)
End For
Set m k =0 (k{1,…,N})
For M{2,4,…,m max N}
Set \(k=\arg \min \{\delta _{1}^{m_{1}+2},\ldots,\delta _{N}^{m_{N}+2}\}\)
Set m k =m k +2
Update \(\mathcal {N}\)
For \(r\in {\mathcal {D}}_{r}\)
Set AEGP according to (17)
If AEGP≥AEGPopt Then
Set r opt=r
Set m opt=m
End If
End For
End For
Set E according to (24)