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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Analyzing the potential of full duplex in 5G ultra-dense small cell networks

Parameter Value/state/type
System parameters BW = 200 MHz; f c = 3.5 GHz
Frequency reuse 1 (whole band)
Propagation model WINNER II A1 w/fast fading [40]
Antenna configuration 4×4
Receiver type IRC
Transmission power 10 dBm (BS and UE)
Link adaptation filter Log average of five samples
Transmission rank scheme Fixed or taxation-based
UL/DL decider Metric (HD and BS FD) and traffic based (bidirectional FD)
HARQ max retransmissions 4
HARQ combining efficiency η 1
Resource utilization 25, 50, and 75% if symmetric or asymmetric traffic
  100% if full buffer traffic
RLC mode Acknowledged
Transport protocol UDP and TCP
Simulation time per drop Up to 20 s
Number of simulation drops 50