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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Performance of emerging multi-carrier waveforms for 5G asynchronous communications

General parameters   
Number of sub-carriers N 1024
Number of bits per symbol Nbps 4
Sampling frequency F s 15.36 MHz
Cyclic prefix length CP L 72
Overlapping factor K 4
GFDM block length M 15
Number of guard symbols GS 2
Receiver type Matched filter
RRC filter roll-off β 0.2
Number of IC iterations J 4
Guard interval length ZP L 72
Sub-band width C 12
Filter length L UFMC 80
Side-lobe attenuation α 40 dB
OFDM transceiver size R 128
Filter length L RB-F-OFDM 53
Side-lobe attenuation α 60 dB
Stop-band filter slope γ 20
Sub-band width C 12