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Table 1 Basic parameters of the sensors

From: Multiple moving person tracking by UWB sensors: the effect of mutual shielding persons and methods reducing its impacts

  Sensor S1 Sensor S2
System clock frequency 4.5 GHz 13 GHz
Operational bandwidth DC-2.25 GHz 0.2–6.5 GHz
M-sequence generator linear, 9-stage linear, 12-stage
Period of M-sequence 511 chips 4095 chips
Impulse responses 511 samples/114 ns 4095 samples / 315 ns
Maximum range 17 m 47 m
Range resolution 3.33 cm 1.15 cm
Output power 1 mW 10 mW
Antennas 1 Tx, 2 Rx; 1 Tx, 2 Rx;
  Horn antennas Double-ridged
   broadband antennas