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Table 1 Symbols and definitions

From: Adaptive Sleep Efficient Hybrid Medium Access Control algorithm for next-generation wireless sensor networks

Definition Symbol
Edge E
Energy consumption in transmitting, listening, wake-up, and sleep state respectively E t E l E w , E s
Group of free nodes G
One-hop and two-hop node H1and H2
Interference range IR
K-hop neighbour Δ k
Ratio between interference range and transmission range γ
Total number of nodes N
Slot S
Time, additional time, sending time, and acknowledge time, respectively \( \tau, {\tau}_{a,}{\tau}_t^i,{\tau}_{a ck}^i \)
Remaining time, sensing time, and calculation time, respectively τ r , τ s τ c
Transmission range TR
Vertex V
Adjacent neighbour nodes u, v, w