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Table 1 Summary of variables used in paper

From: Spectrum sharing via hybrid cognitive players evaluated by an M/D/1 queuing model

A i Total number of normal players in ith cell
B i Total number of players that are not vigilante in ith cell
C Cost function
e g The aggressiveness of the greedy player
e v The aggressiveness of the vigilante player
i Cell indicator
M Total number of players in network
m Total number of cells in network
N i Total number of players in ith cell
n p Number of primary players
n s Number of secondary players
P g Transmitting probability of greedy player
P n Transmitting probability of normal player
P v Transmitting probability of vigilante player
Q g Throughput of greedy player
Q n Throughput of normal player
Q v Throughput of vigilante player
u g Greedy utility function
u p Primary utility function
u s Secondary utility function
u v Vigilante utility function
W p Primary waiting time
W s Secondary waiting time
α p Share of bandwidth used by primary
α s Share of bandwidth used by secondary
λ p Packet rate for the primary
λ s Packet rate for the secondary
μ Server rate or bandwidth