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Table 1 Simulation parameters on one single band

From: Optimal spectrum access and power control of secondary users in cognitive radio networks

Parameter Physical mean Value
λ 1,i Density of PUs 0.0001user/m 2
λ 0,i Density of SUs 0.0001user/m 2
P 1,i Power of PUs 25 dBm
P 0,i Power of SUs 15 dBm
α Path loss coefficient 4
T 0,i / T 1,i SIR threshold of SUs / PUs 0 dB
R 10,i Average link distance in the primary network 50 m
R 00,i Average link distance in the secondary network 15 m
θ 0 / θ 1 Outage probability threshold of SUs / PUs 0.1