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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Service- and interference-aware dynamic TDD design in 5G ultra-dense network scenario

Name Value
Simulation scenario 2 clusters/macro cell; 4 small cells/cluster
Inter-site distance 30 m
Carrier frequency 3.5 GHz
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Channel model ITU M.2135 UMi
Transmit power 24 dBm
Scheduling strategy Proportional fairness (PF)
UE number 2 UE/macro cell
Antenna pattern Omni-directional
Antenna height Base station, 6 m
UE, 1.5 m
Antenna gain plus connection loss 5 dBi
UE movement speed 3 km/h
Service type FTP model 1:
λ UL = λ DL = 0.5 (low arrival rate); λ UL = λ DL = 1.5 (moderate arrival rate)
Reconfiguration cycle 40 ms
Worst SINR threshold (S-TDD) 0 dB