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Table 1 Assumptions

From: Evaluation of a duty-cycled asynchronous X-MAC protocol for vehicular sensor networks

Symbol Quantity
N Number of nodes in the network
T Length of a cycle
W Contention window size in units of a time slot
M Queue capacity in units of a data packet
m Number of data packet in queue
S Data packet size
ı,ȷ the state of node
P ı,ȷ the probability of transition from state ı to state ȷ for the node
p f Probability of transmission failure of data packet
p s Probability of successfully transmission of data packet
n Number of sensor nodes in specified area
ρ Density of sensor nodes
T r Transmission range
T s Sensing range
T I Interference range
λ Expected data packet arrival rate at the MAC layer
A ı Probability of ı data packets arriving in a cycle
π The stationary distribution of the Markov model
τ The probability of an arbitrary node transmitting in time slot
D Packet delay