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Table 2 System parameters used in the simulation experiments

From: Fog radio access network system control scheme based on the embedded game model

Application type Computation offloading Computation requirement Minimum spectrum requirement Maximum spectrum requirement
I Y 300 MHz/s 128 kbps 128 kbps
II N N/A 256 kbps 768 kbps
III Y 600 MHz/s 384 kbps 640 kbps
IV N N/A 512 kbps 1.28 Mbps
Parameter Value Description
n 10 The number of F-APs
CS 200 Mbps The total spectrum resources of CS
\( \mathcal{C} \) 5 GHz The F-AP’s computation capacity
ϕ 0.2 A factor to specify the impact of recent experience
Δt 1 s The time interval to monitor the F-RAN system
\( \mathcal{Z} \) 5 / one bps The revenue from the caching per one bps
1 / one bps The cost from the caching per one bps
τ [0.1–0.9] A factor to characterize the file popularity: randomly selected for F-AP
L 10 The popular multimedia files in the CS for caching
\( \mathfrak{M} \) 30 Mbps The maximum fronthaul transmission rate
ϵ 0.95 A control factor to consider the fronthaul congestion