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Table 3 Parameters and values

From: Multi-leader election in dynamic sensor networks

Parameters Values
The initial energy of nodes E 0 0.5
The number of sending data l 4000
The cost energy of nodes sending data ETX 50*0.000000001
The energy of multi-path attenuation 5*0.000000001
model EDA  
The energy cost of communication e 0 ETX+EDA
The frequency of nodes moving 10 rounds
The maximum number of moving nodes 0 15
Specific power consumption of 10* 0.000000000001
power amplifier ε fs  
Specific power consumption of 0.0013* 0.000000000001
power amplifier ε mp  
The energy cost of nodes receiving data ERX 50*0.000000001
The threshold of transmission distance d 0 87.7058 m
The moving rate 5 m/s
The maximum moving time 80 s