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Table 2 Main simulation parameters

From: Successful transmission probability of cognitive device-to-device communications underlaying cellular networks in the presence of hardware impairments

Parameter Values
Circuit power at UEi, E C 100 W
Channel bandwidth, B 10 Mhz
Path loss for all links in the system, P L k , k[X,Y,Z,W] (148+40log10(r k ))−1 dB
Thermal noise density, Ω 0 − 174 dBm/Hz
Energy conversion efficiency, η 1
TS and PS ratios, α 1=α 2=β 0.1
Power allocation, λ 0.7
Hardware impairments level, κ 0.15
SNDR threshold at UE2, Γ D 3 dB
SNDR threshold at UE3, Γ D 1 dB