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Table 5 Comparison of complexity order

From: A robust ICI suppression based on an adaptive equalizer for very fast time-varying channels in LTE-R systems

Equalization algorithm Complexity order Number of complex operators
Conventional method \(\mathcal {O}(N^{3})\) 1.07×109
Banded matrix \(\mathcal {O}((N-q)q^{3})\) 4.95×106
MMSE-BDFE \(\mathcal {O}((8Q^{2}+22Q+4)N)\) 8.2×104
Partial FFT \(\mathcal {O}(NlogK)+\mathcal {O}(NM^{2})+\mathcal {O}(NMS)\) 1.1×106
Proposed scheme \(\mathcal {O}\left (\frac {7}{3}q^{3}N\right)\) 1.1×107