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Table 1 Comparison of time consumption for RF impairment estimation

From: Environment-Adaptable Fast Multi-Resolution (EAF-MR) optimization in large-scale RF-FPGA systems

RF impairments Gain IIP3
Simulation running time 41 s 42 s
for a configuration   
The number of simulations 1019 runs 1019 runs
for full-factorial designs   
The number of simulations 2.6×105 runs 2.6×105 runs
for screening designs (2 MSBs of   
components are reconfigured)   
The number of simulations for 384 runs 384 runs
sample configurations   
Total simulation time for 1.3×1013 years 1.33×1013 years
full factorial designs   
Total simulation time for 3×103 h 3.1×103 h
screening designs   
Total simulation time for 4.37 h 4.45 h
sample configurations