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Table 3 H(n) in (21) of optimization methods

From: Environment-Adaptable Fast Multi-Resolution (EAF-MR) optimization in large-scale RF-FPGA systems

Optimization method H(n) after M iteration assuming C k =L and N(k,l)=N0 H(n) after one iteration (M=1), when K = 3, C k = 3 and N(k,l)=7
Exhaustive search L·K·N0+log2M 63
Simulated annealing L·K·N0+log2M ≤ 63
Local relaxation L·N0+log2K+log2M 33.28
EAF optimization L·N0+log2K+log2M ≤33.28
Multi-resolution N0 + log2L+log2K+log2M 10.17
EAF-MR optimization N0+log2L+log2K+log2M ≤ 10.17