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Table 1 Simulation setup parameters and values for six-cell and three-cell layouts

From: Rotating cluster mechanism for coordinated heterogeneous MIMO cellular networks

  Six-cell layout Three-cell layout
Number of Tx antennas per macro BS, Nmacro 2 2
Number of Tx antennas per pico BS, Npico 2 2
Number of Rx antennas per user, M 2 2
Macro antenna pattern Directional [37]; Directional [37];
(including 3-dB beamwidth θ3dB) θ3dB=35° θ3dB=70°
Pico antenna pattern Omnidirectional Omnidirectional
Path loss exponent, α 3.91 (macro); 3.67 (pico) [32] 3.91 (macro); 3.67 (pico) [32]
Log-normal shadow fading standard deviation, σ ρ 6 dB (macro); 4 dB (pico) [32] 6 dB (macro); 4 dB (pico) [32]
Inter-site distance, D 1732 m 1732 m
Distance from pico BS to macro site 693 m
Distance from pico BS to center of macrocell coverage area 356 m
Reference distance, R m 866 m 1155 m
Macro SNR at distance of R m along antenna boresight 9.6 dB 4.7 dB
Interference standard deviation, σ I 13.8 21.3 (patterns a, c, and e);
   26.3 (patterns b and d)
PF averaging window size, t c 100 40
SAS parameters Case #18 in [35]: Case #18 in [35]:
  B1=B2=50, \(\phi = {rand}(\sim \mathcal {U}(0,1))\) B1=B2=50, \(\phi = {rand}(\sim \mathcal {U}(0,1))\)