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Table 1 Local-based detection schemes

From: A survey of local/cooperative-based malicious information detection techniques in VANETs

MDS Type Drawback Privacy Delay Overhead (FP) Rate Applications   
Database rules [58] Plausibility This model allows passing fake sign messages from database rules. No High High Min CRN   
Multiple parameters [59] Plausibility False position in past checking might create false positive No High Low Max Position data   
Classifier framework [60] Plausibility Uses multiple classifier for detection No High High Min Speed & Position   
RSU-based detection [15] Plausibility Vehicles will be waiting for position validation from RSUs No High Low Min Position data   
ELIDV [61] Plausibility Performance decreases when malicious nodes increase in VANETs No High Low Min EEBL, PCN, CRN   
Data centric (DC) [7] Consistency Sometimes, this scheme cannot provide useful information for detection Yes Low Low No EEBL, PCN, CRN   
HBBD [62] Consistency Beacon messages lose due to weak signal. Yes Low Low Min Position & speed   
TBD [63] Behaviour Assumed true location information for trajectory. No Low Low Max PCN   
RCBD [64] Behaviour Assumed position information is correct No High High Min PCN