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Table 1 The dimensions and criteria associated with cloud service applications

From: Use of hybrid MCDM model in evaluation for cloud service application improvement

Dimensions/origin Criteria Evaluated item
Perceptual characteristics (D1) Entertainment (C11) The use of cloud computing for entertainment
Socialization (C12) The use and discussion of the cloud computing service by peers
Information (C13) The degree of individual information obtained by users
Work (C14) The use of cloud computing to increase work efficiency through data collection
Added characteristics (D2) After-sales service (C21) The after-sales service following the use of cloud computing
Brand (C22) The users’ brand images of companies that provide cloud computing services
Safety (C23) The safety of using the cloud computing service.
Costs (C24) Cost of using cloud computing services
Software characteristics (D3) Convenience and usefulness (C31) Using cloud computing services is convenient and convenient
Easy to use (C32) Ease-of-use of cloud computing services
High-speed computing (C33) Availability of high-speed cloud computing services
Rich content (C34) The use of cloud computing is an aspect of obtaining rich content