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Table 2 Open implementation issues for federated FiWi-MANET deployments

From: Multi-domain SDN controller federation in hybrid FiWi-MANET networks

Scenario Covered by OpenFlow Features What is needed to be addressed Evolving Impact
Load balancing Yes High-throughput Flow tables installed in devices Fast MANET: high
FiWi: high
Fair bandwidth allocation No Fairness Hardware extensions to support SDN deployment in MANET devices and OpenFlow extensions to provide fairness monitoring Not so fast MANET: high
FiWi: medium
Traffic engineering No Low latency, low jitter OpenFlow extensions to support more complicated decisions (e.g., LTE framing characteristics adjustment) Slowly MANET: high
FiWi: medium
Energy management No Energy savings Hardware abstractions to support power management Very slowly MANET: high
FiWi: medium