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Table 1 Notations

From: On multi-copy forwarding protocols for large data chunk dissemination in vehicular sensor networks

\(q_{i}^{j}\) Contact quality between vehicle v i and v j
TTL Remaining time a data chunk can survive in the network
FCC Forwarding communication capacity
P rio (d k ) Priority of a data chunk d k
\(s_{d_{k}}\) Size of data chunk d k
c i Storage capacity of vehicle v i
c FTW Length of selected contact duration in the dense case
X Data chunk set X={d1,d2,d3, }
Y Candidate vehicle set Y={N1,N2,N3, }
w(x,y) Delivery utility for xX to execute yY
  Bipartite matching between xX and yY where 1
m(x,y) denotes an assignment, 0 denotes no assignment,
  and “ −” indicates an initial or inexecutable status
L(v) Labeling function of Hungarian algorithm [34], vXY
L(v) Previous record of L for any given vXY
S Data chunk set in the current consideration of allocation, X
  Relay vehicles (Y) that are reachable by data chunks S,
N(S) i.e., {jm(i,j)=0or1,jN(S),iS}
T Set of vehicles that have been saturated (assigned)
\(E^{*}_{x}\) An alternating tree starting from x