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Table 1 List of acronyms

From: Realizing 5G vision through Cloud RAN: technologies, challenges, and trends

Acronym Definition
5G Fifth generation
A/D Analog to digital
API Application programming interface
BBU Baseband unit
BS Base station
CAPEX Capital expenditure
CN Core network
CoE CPRI over Ethernet
CoMP Coordinated multipoint
CPRI Common public radio interface
C-RAN Cloud radio access network
D/A Digital to analog
ETSI European telecommunications standards institute
FFT Fast fourier transform
HARQ Hybrid automatic repeat request
H-RAN Hybrid RAN
IIoT Industrial Internet of Things
IoT Internet of Things
ISG Industry specification group
KPI Key performance indicator
LTE Long-Term Evolution
MIMO Multiple input-multiple output
mmWave Millimeter wave
NFV Network function virtualization
NFV MANO NFV management and orchestration
NFVI NFV infrastructure
OFDM Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
ONOS Open network operating system
OPEX Operating expenditure
ORI Open radio interface
RAN Radio access network
RE Radio equipment
REC Radio equipment controller
RF Radio frequency
RRU Remote radio head
SDMN Software-defined mobile network
SDN Software-defined networking
T-SDN Transport SDN
VBBS Virtual big base station
VBS Virtual base station
VNF Virtualized network function
WDM Wavelength-division multiplexing
WSN Wireless sensor network