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Table 1 Reference parameters

From: Performance analysis of gain ratio power allocation strategies for non-orthogonal multiple access in indoor visible light communication networks

Symbol Name Value
γ Optical-electrical conversion efficiency 0.5(A/W)
a1,a2,,a K GRPA factor 0<a K <<a2<a1<1
Ψ FOV Angle field of vision 60°
Φ 1/2 Semi-angle 60°
A Area of PD 10−4(m2)
T filter Gain of an optical filter 1
n Refractive index 1.5
g(ψ k =Ψ FOV ) Gain of an optical concentrator 3
ρ A·T filter ·g(ψ k )/2π ρ≈5×10−5
m=−1/log2(cos(Φ1/2=60°)) Order of Lambertian emission 1
L Height of the LED above receivers 2.5(m)
N 0 Noise power spectral density 10−19(A2/Hz)
B Bandwidth of a single LED 20(MHz)
P T Transmitted power of a single LED 2(W)
R O O M Room size 6×6(m2)